We offer an advisory service on all aspects of cleaving and cleft products.


We provide advice to historians on practical aspects and construction details of cleft oak fencing including:


We have advised on appropriate fencing for historical accuracy on a number of productions, most recently the Lloyds Bank 250 advert, produced by Rogue Films.


Advice to architects on suitability of products for a large range of issues, from traditional cleft products for building restoration, to the pragmatics of cleft oak on modern structures with input into design.


Expert opinion on fencing design for gardens, estates and other historic sites. Is it historically accurate? What would have been used three hundred years ago? Is it suitable for livestock: horses, cattle or sheep? What will look best? Provision of demonstration panels for comparative purposes. Advice on improvement of existing designs for practical purposes (strength, durability). An honest appraisal will always be given.