Our Oak

Provenance, sustainability and a continued supply of the right kind of oak are at the heart of our success. All our oak comes from forest ‘thinnings’ where the best trees are left to grow on.

We select the trees ourselves based on their suitability for cleaving by hand. We look for trees that are straight and reasonably knot free – they will generally be about fifty years old.

Expert and efficient hauliers

Surveying the oaks

The timber is then loaded and hauled to our yard by specialist timber hauliers. If you see a sky blue artic loaded with beautifully straight oak it may well be on the way to Swanbourne!

Sourced from sustainable forests and hand-picked for their strength and durability

Over the years we have built strong relationships with woodland managers and private estate owners, some of which have been in the same family since the Norman Conquest and as such are very selective with whom they do business.