Interesting Wildlife

We are lucky enough to work in some fantastic places, either sourcing our timber or installing, and even the wildlife around our barn can be quite spectacular. Robins and wrens nest every year and swallows always fly in to check us out but invariably decide we are too noisy. Barn owls and stoats are regular visitors to keep a check on our mice and voles. Kites and buzzards mewl above. There are hares, roe and muntjac in the fields around.

#osprey nest #cleft oak

Osprey nest near Corby

#hornet #Charlecote Park

Hornet emerging from hole in roots at Charlecote

#magpie inkcap #cleft oak

Magpie Inkcap in woods near Frilsham

Charlecote Park Fence Repairs

Over the course of last Winter cars crashed through the cleft oak deer fence at Charlecote Park (National Trust) nine times. Luckily no-one was killed or seriously hurt. It took the insurance companies up to last month to agree to pay for fencing repairs.

#cleft oak #Charlecote Park #oak fence

Post cleft by force of car crashing into rail

#Kissing gate #Charlecote Paling #cleft oak

Repaired fence with new Kissing Gate

#Charlecote #cleft oak #Charlecote Paling

Destroyed fence

Return to Stowe

We’re back this Autumn at National Trust Stowe Landscape Gardens with another tranche of fencing in the Home Park. We’re starting by Eleven Acre Lake and working up past Queen Caroline’s statue towards the edge of Home Park near Boycott. It will be an interesting install with the golf course hard on the fence line (FORE!).

#Stowe fence #Stowe Paling #Oak fence #cleft oak #National Trust fence

2018 install Stowe


Rutland Mansion

#cleft oak fence #Hambleton #Rutland Water #Stowe Paling

The Landrover makes it to Hambleton!


#cleft oak #oak posts

2.3m Cleft Oak Posts (Munch?)

Hambleton fencing

Rutland Water cleft oak fencing


Cleft Oak to Argyll

traditional pair of gates

Cleft oak gates

Here’s a pair of gates we recently sent up to an estate on the shores of Loch Fyne. They were delivered by pallet with 40 metres of our three rail post and rail.

Cambridge Botanic Gardens

oak poles

Cleft Oak Totems

Cambridge Botanic Gardens have been using our products for a number of years now. They have previously had post and rail to protect the root systems of ancient and vulnerable trees. They are now using our fencing to separate off a Discovery area  and have installed these totems as a point of interest. The largest are 12′ out of the ground, quarter trees. They were rather heavy!

Stowe Landscape Gardens

cleft oak fence

Recently erected at Stowe Landscape Gardens


Work continues at Stowe with an initial 250 metres of fencing to border the Home Park. When the golf course moves this area will be taken back into the gardens.

Cleft Oak Gates

Traditional hand made gates

Customers in Kent have been updating their grounds over the past ten years or so and we have just completed these gates to go with a new run of fencing.

Medieval Fencing?

Here’s some fencing we put up three years ago in a local village. It’s basically cleft oak post and rail with oak weave around oak staves. There are no nails or other fixings. When nails were expensive and hard to come by this would have been a logical but labour intensive solution. Before pulped board and plastics weave was one of the few ways to fill a large gap (as with wattle and daub).

Cleft Oak Henge

Stowe Paling heartwoodTraditional oak Stowe Paling

A client in a local village wanted to replace a tired sawn softwood fence. The brief was primarily aesthetic but also something that would chime with the thatched cottage (a former village pub) and would be more durable than its disappointing predecessor. Cleft oak Stowe Paling with a cleft oak Henge and gate were the answer.